ICK Masjids

ICK organises various events including weekly Friday Khutbas (lectures) in English. This this is perhaps the only place where Friday sermons are conducted in English within Kuwait. These Khutbas are delivered either by a panel of English speaking scholars residing in Kuwait or visiting international scholars. Whenever well-known English speaking international scholars visit Kuwait, ICK tries its best to get them for our regular Khutbas. We have been blessed with many well-known international scholars giving sermons in our Mosques

Following are the two locations of the Friday Khutbas

1: Masjid Uthman in Kuwait City (next to the Kuwaiti Parliament)
2: Masjid Al-Radhan in Fintas

Below are the maps of Masjid for your convenience.

Please use the 'ICK Event' link form the menu to watch or listen to the recordings of Khutbas

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